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‘If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs’

With that enlightening quote from Tony Gaskins let us get clarified what we really need to do.

We all have dreams. And almost everybody tries to make them a reality. But at some point, lot of them gives up. They quit. But at the same time, there are people who do not stop when they are tired. They stop when they are done. They know that if plan A fails, there are 25 more letters in the alphabet and they have plenty of more opportunities to try. They make mistakes which are proof that they are trying. And finally, after a period of hard work, strong determination and never ending attitude, they achieve the life that everybody yearns for.

From the real sense of the term, people who create, who take risks and who live their passion are Entrepreneurs. They think big. They devote themselves completely for the ultimate goal they want to achieve. They struggle for it. Overcome their fears. They do not wait until success comes for them. Instead they go for it. If opportunities don’t knock, they build a door. That is how they become real champs.

‘The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing’

These are the words of Walt Disney who is the founder of Walt Disney Cooperation. Nobody cares about what we are saying. They measure us, get the total impression of us by looking at what we do. The people who talk more are the ones who think less. On the other hand, people who talk less are the ones who are listened to most. This entrepreneur journey we are to take is not along a beauteous glamorous road. It includes a lot of failures, pains, and disappointments. More and more talk would only make it more difficult. Less talk would bring out more action. And they would yield fabulous results.

Another really important thing that an Entrepreneur should do is taking risks. They say the biggest risk in life is not taking risks. We need to take them. If we win them, we would be happy. If we fail, we will be wise. Nothing can substitute the experience we take from it, whatsoever the result is in the end. Without regretting a life thinking about the chances we didn’t take, why not facing them with confidence at this very moment? This would be a piece of very valuable advice on the long journey of a successful entrepreneur.

Staying competitive is another golden fact which would take you to the peak of success. Competition makes us faster. First we need to compete with ourselves. In every way possible, we need to compete with our interior and get through it. We should try to beat our last most successful performance. And try to achieve one higher than that. It is simply becoming better than the persons we were yesterday. That is the proper way of competing. Once we are done and succeeded with it, then only we can do the same with others. Competition brings out the best. So it is a must to have this required enough in whatever we do. And you can walk on the path of Entrepreneurial Journey. Its an amazing journey if you will have the great desire to achieve something in your life.

So believe in yourself. Work hard. Dream big. And set targets to achieve them.

Plan your path smooth. Think there is no tomorrow and do what should be done NOW. Because ‘later’ would become ‘never’. After a bad day, do not give up everything you started. Think why you started. Why you want success? And get back to work. Accept things as they are, be flexible in all you do. With these crucial small things in mind, success would not be far away from where you are RIGHT NOW.

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